Payday loan up to 200,000 at the bank. PLN 200,000 is the maximum amount of Payday loan granted by banks.

At present, we will not find a higher loan amount, although the Consumer Credit Act allows for a credit agreement of up to PLN 255 550 .

However, not every bank grants such a high loan. The vast majority of banks offer the maximum Payday loan in the range of PLN 120,000 – PLN 150,000. Below are the latest proposals from banks where you can submit a loan application for a loan of 120,000. PLN – up to PLN 200,000 zł. Remember that a Payday loan of up to PLN 200,000 is a loan with a high loan installment, even when we use the longest (10 years) loan period.

Payday loan PLN 200 thousand

The same goes for the length of the loan period. The maximum is 10 years, and with such a high loan, the option of a longer repayment period would probably be a better option. From the point of view of the amount of loan installments (longer loan period, a smaller installment). On the other hand, a long loan period is a larger amount of interest that we will pay from the borrowed capital.

Payday loan up to PLN 200,000. 

Payday loan up to PLN 200,000. Review of banks

And in which bank can we apply for a Payday loan of up to PLN 200,000? Who has a chance for a Payday loan of 200,000 zł? Regardless of the type of loan and its amount, you must have adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Without it, do not move. We will not get any credit. It is also important to compare the offers and choose the most favorable option. Let’s check briefly which banks give 200,000 on favorable terms.

  • The loan amount up to PLN 200,000,
  • Without unnecessary formalities,
  • Long lending period up to 120 months,
  • Quick credit decision,
  • Variable interest rate,
  • the possibility of life insurance and job loss,
  • consolidation option.

Remember! A variable-rate loan is associated with the risk of increasing the interest rate, and thus the possibility of incurring increased monthly costs over time. On the other hand, with the interest rate cut, the cost of the commitment decreases.

Representative example: APY: 11.36%. Variable interest rate 8.49%. Total loan amount (excluding credited costs): PLN 85,000.00. The total amount to pay PLN 126,095,76. The total cost of the loan is PLN 4,195.76 (commission: PLN 5,184, preparation fee PLN 1,400.00, interest: PLN 34,511,76). 95 monthly installments equal to PLN 1 327.32. Calculation for 21/03/2017

Payday loan up to PLN 200,000. Fixed interest rate

  • Low installment – only PLN 15.99 for each PLN 1000.
  • credit up to PLN 200,000.
  • No need to visit the branch.
  • Without income statements – the bank verifies the credit history at BIK.
  • Money even on the same day on your account.

Representative example (loan without insurance): Actual Annual Interest Rate: 16.93%. Fixed interest rate: 9.99%. Total loan amount: PLN 23 126 (without credited costs). The total amount to be paid: PLN 33,362.98. The total cost of the loan: PLN 10,366.98 (commission: PLN 3,150.56, interest: PLN 7,086.42). 59 equal monthly installments of PLN 555.47. The final loan terms depend on: – the creditworthiness of the customer, – the date of payment of the loan, – the payment date of the first installment. Representative example drawn up on 01/03/2017.

Payday loan up to 200,000 at the bank – a review of banks and Payday loans offered by banks, not only at PLN 200,000. Go to the Payday loan comparison site to search for another loan or Payday loan at the bank.