When you need urgent money, you can not wait for the next payment or the bank in which you are clients approve the loan application. You must have it available as soon as possible!

Do not despair as there are interesting options known as “payday loans”.

Do not despair as there are interesting options known as "payday loans".

Here are some of the main characteristics of this increasingly successful service in Mexico.

As a first step you should know that the amounts are low because the objective is to help customers solve a specific problem (repair the car, pay for medical treatment, pay for an unexpected, etc.) and that the term is also short since receive your next pay or rent you can cancel it in one go.

The interest rate is one of the lowest in the market. We trust our customers, therefore we do not ask for guarantees or guarantees. The commission you have to pay is minimal. Unlike a bank, we only grant loans on an instant and low amount. Our state-of-the-art system allows us to decide the approval or denial of an application in minutes. Waiting was over for weeks.

Our service is 100% online therefore to request the loans instantly you can use a phone, a tablet or any device with internet connection. The procedure to apply for a loan is more than simple: fill out the application with simple steps. And that’s it! The decision is not based on the rating of Credit Bureau, therefore it does not matter if you have a negative history.

As for the requirements, we ask IFE, license and bank account where you deposit the money. As you are reading it … it is the only necessary thing. Remember that any citizen over 18 years old can request it. The maximum waiting time to know if the order has been accepted is 40 minutes. We are the fastest in Mexico!

Once the request is approved, the amount is deposited through a bank transfer to the indicated account. According to the bank in which you have an account, the cash will appear before or after. Our service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It does not matter which district you live in, since our coverage is national. To the north, to the south, to the east, to the west or in the center of the country you can request loans at the moment, always expressed in Mexican pesos.

There are different types of payment: automatic debit from the card on the day of expiration; Transfer to our bank account or deposit. In the event that you wish to pay your credit before the deadline you can do so and thus reduce the total interest. No additional charges for this operation. If on the contrary arrival that date you have not been able to collect the total you can communicate with us and explain the situation. There are options to settle gradually or request an extension.

Once the credit is paid you can wait a few days if you need or want to request a new one. In that case we will have better conditions waiting for you.

Do not hesitate to use our credit simulator to verify if the amount and the term necessary adapt to you. It is very simple, fast and reliable. Complete the form with your personal data, wait 40 minutes maximum to receive the answer by email. Then choose among the instantly available loans and wait for the bank to reflect the transfer in your balance.

And you can use the money as you want! You do not have to give us explanations or present papers. From your home or wherever you are, apply for a loan and get it on the spot.