A payday loan without remark offers a good alternative to the payday loans with remark to customers who have negative remark entries or do not want to burden their remark In Germany, every customer has to fill out a form if he wants to apply for a payday loan so that the bank can check the remark entries ,

This is a good reason for the bank, because in the remark, garnishments, delays and payday loans are recorded. These entries belong to the negative entries and sometimes extremely reduce the creditworthiness. If this is too low, a bank will often reject an application for a payday loan.

Payday loans abroad – application

In order to apply for a payday loan without remark, the form, which comes from a credit intermediary, must be completed. The credit broker can be found quickly on the Internet or through a newspaper ad. Among other things, the personal data are entered in the form and what kind of credit is involved. Thus, the payday loan amount and the monthly installments must be entered, which can be recorded and paid.         

For this, the credit intermediary needs some documents, which must be procured in advance. In addition to a copy of the ID card and a confirmation of registration, payroll accounting and a contract of employment are required. These documents are examined and then it is decided whether or not there can be a payday loan without remark.

Why are the documents checked?

Since banks abroad do not know the remark, they take other collateral to test the creditworthiness of the customer. The payslips should prove that there is regular income every month. The employment contract provides information on whether the employee is employed for a limited or unlimited period. For fixed-term contracts, a payday loan without remark is often rejected. The applicant must always be of age, so the copy of the ID is required. The Bank needs the registration confirmation so that the customer can prove that he or she is resident in Germany.

Which conditions are to be expected?

Anyone who can fulfill the conditions of the bank, ie has an income that is attachable and comes from a non-independent activity and is of legal age, can count on good conditions. The customer always receives several offers at the same time. He has to check this himself and see which offer suits him best. The interest rates are just as important as the repayment installments. The interest rates may be higher than for a German payday loan.

Nevertheless, this payday loan can be worthwhile, especially if no other payday loans can be taken. The customer can often arrange a special repayment with the bank. If the customer unexpectedly receives a sum of money from an inheritance, for example, he can increase the monthly installment and pay off the payday loan faster. Debt is repaid faster and the customer receives the net interest that results.