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“You are not guilty unless your guilt is proved”

This applies to everyone and not to those who hold public office. In the case of political decision-makers and intermediaries of power The European code or Napoleonic code of conduct is: “We are guilty unless we are cleared”. This burden is on the accused. This also speeds up the process of justice and is then defined as “Justice delay is justice not served”.

I tend to support PM (PM) that accused persons shouldn’t be allowed to participate actively in debates held by the parliamentary committee, they can vote, but not to speak unless they’re being honest.

The president should issue an or executive order to prevent the holder of a public office from speaking when their corruption charges exceed 60 days. There will then be no adjournment. The whole process will be expedited which means that the facts will be brought out.

Unfortunately our common law system has become ineffective in tackling white collar crime across the globe. A majority of prisoners inside our jails are innocent convicts who have committed petty offenses as those who are “gluttonous monsters” get away.

The delays go unpunished and are easy to be

. Although the current law was intended to protect innocent people but it is not able to challenge those who are powerful in these clauses of protection that are soft and do not safeguard human rights fundamentally.

Prior to the decade of 1970s in which corruption was slowed and the courts were able to provide aid to those who opposed the government. today, the corrupt have succeeded in securing the protection they need.

While the current , ineffective prosecutions are successful in convicting the powerless, they are unable to attract the powerful , who enjoy the luxury of hiring expensive lawyers. While the NAB adheres to what is known as the “Napoleonic codes” for arresting suspects The upper magistracy is governed by common law, which grants relief for those who are powerful, in cases where guilt has to be proved. The courts demand proof that isn’t there.

In the past, there was a loud roar of forklifts parked in the parking lot up to the point that Lahore High Court (LHC) declared that only government employees wearing uniforms were permitted to control public property. In the years since, this unethical procedure has been stopped.

I personally was affected by the incident. My wife’s vehicle was taken away of the Raja Center. Following an investigation, we found out that the vehicle was under police custody. We were required to pay the fine of 200 rupees, that I agreed to pay in exchange for the receipt that was stamped with a stamp, which was not readily available.

As a final concession, it was decided to that “Mohrar” from the station should affix the seal that he had refused which clearly indicated that it was a secret private bribery scheme carried by the government under patronage. In the end, I decided to make use of the power and requested my wife to operate the vehicle that she did.

Only the rich can take the wealth they have gotten without receipts, and they are not liable to be convicted by a judge. They then employ their position to shield their shady actions.

The members of parliament that are accused of being indicted must be cleared within 60 days of being charged , or lose the right to address the public at home. only then can the suffering of the common people be halted.

All he has to do is pass an order from the president to accelerate the stagnant “accountability procedure”. Politics demands an obligation to the country, not a commercial venture as it has since.

Dr. Farid A Malik

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