Court Dismisses Request for Information on CCAC Land Law Inquiry



The Administrative Court (TA) rejected a request for information from a land concession company on an ongoing investigation by the Commission against Corruption (CCAC) into several expirations of land concessions.

In 2018, former director general Fernando Chui Sai On commissioned the CCAC to investigate 74 land concessions declared invalid under the applied land law, with a final report yet to be released.

One of the companies involved, the Sociedade de Investimento Imobiliário Fu Keng Van, SA, has filed a petition with TA for information on the ongoing investigation and a possible deadline for its conclusion.

The company indicated that as a concessionaire of one of the plots concerned, it has a legitimate interest in knowing the current situation of the said works and the conclusions drawn by the CCAC, the information in question being of interest to better assess the means. legal provisions for the exercise of the right to compensation, especially in civil liability proceedings.

The company also indicated that it made a request for information to the CCAC, but never received a response or communication.

In its decision, the AT noted that since the CCAC is not part of the organization of public administration, but of a political body with its direct provision in the Macao Basic Law, which operates independently and reports to the chief executive, so he was not covered by such a request for information.

The Sociedade de Investimento Imobiliário Fu Keng Van, SA is one of the companies linked to the ‘Fecho da Praia Grande’ development project in Nam Vam Lake and which has had its land concession declared invalid by the Macao SAR executive .


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