DMX fiancée wants to be declared his “de facto wife” – judge rejects request



Desiree Lindstrom – Desi123love / Instagram

*Desiree Lindstrom, the betrothed of DMX reportedly asked the court to be legally declared his “common-law partner”, but a judge rejected her request.

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The move – had it been approved – would have given Lindstrom, who had been engaged to the rapper since 2019 and is the mother of his 5 year old son, Exodus, immediate seniority over his 14 children to potentially control his estate and all future income from his music.

Legal sources say an estate must be put in place to handle the larger expected future profits from DMX music. The first step is for a court to appoint directors.

DMX (born Earl Simmons) died early April 50 years following a drug overdose. He would have left no will and did not leave enough money to care for her 15 children, some of whom are still minors.

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EURweb previously reported that DMX’s estate could be less than $ 1 million; possibly less than $ 50,000, according to court documents filed by her children, according to Yahoo! New. Five of the rapper’s 15 children have filed separate court documents. His daughters Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden first filed documents on May 10, alleging that his estate is worth less than $ 50,000.

His sons Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean simmons then filed documents on May 21, claiming his estate is worth less than $ 1 million. Both parties hope to be appointed administrators of the late rapper’s estate.

A DMX insider said the domain’s value could increase dramatically with the popularity of its catalog.

“There’s no will to DMX and that’s a big deal. It is a difficult situation because there are a number of people vying for appointment as directors, ”said the source. “His fiancée Desiree tried to make herself heard by asking the court to be named his common-law partner, which meant that she would have taken precedence over her children. But the court refused.

Judge Helene blackwood allegedly ruled that Lindstrom “did not have standing to file a complaint”, as a common-law wife.

The next court date is July 15, when the judge will consider the submissions to decide on the estate administrators, according to the report.


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