Liberia: civil law court issues suspension order for national student activities



Ernest Daku Jallah

Monrovia – Judge Yussif D. Kaba of the Montserrado County Civil Court ordered the suspension of all electoral activities of the National Union of Students of Liberia (LINSU).

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

The writ of injunction was placed on the electoral activities of the institution on the basis of a petition filed in court by student Ernest Duku Jallah of the University of Liberia.

According to the writ of injunction, the LINSU congressional preparatory committee should refrain from any electoral process until an investigation is conducted into the matter.

“You are ordered to temporarily restrict, enjoin, prohibit the respondents from remaining and refrain from any further leadership elections of the National Union of Students of Liberia pending the final decision of this matter. or until otherwise ordered by that court ”, writ of injunction adds.

The court also orders the LINSU executives to appear before it no later than October 8, 2018 to respond to the stay order or the writ of injunction.

The court suspension order was issued on LINSU’s electoral activities on the basis of a complaint lodged with the august body by Ernest Duku Jallah, one of the candidates running for the presidency of LINSU.

Jallah said the composition of the Congressional Preparatory Committee (CPC) has been “biased and in many respects his strongest preference for a particular candidate.”

According to him, since the establishment of the CCP, committee members have made it difficult for other candidates to access information about the Congress, which also made it difficult for him to submit his nomination letter.

Duku further lamented that LINSU’s CPC allocated limited time for the nomination process (September 26-28, 2018) and exhibited attitudes aimed at making it and other candidates unqualified for the appointment. job.

“Since receiving my appointment, I have called all CCP members, but they refused to answer their phones. My phone records can speak for this purpose. In addition, the email that was posted on the release from the CCP also turned out to be a fake because it keeps resending my email containing my appointment letter, ”Jallah explained.

Given the action of the CP, a body supposed to demonstrate great neutrality, Jallah considers the process as a “compound and staged event” intended to hand over the leadership of the student union to a handful of “chosen rascals of the regime. pass “.

“National youth and student elections should be an open and transparent process offering all qualified and potential candidates the opportunity to participate. issue a writ of injunction on the entire congress until things are properly put in place, ”he said.


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