Liberia: Nwabudike returns to civil court



In his application to the Civil Law Court, Cllr. Nwabudike complains that since his admission to the Supreme Bar as Legal Counsel on June 21, 2002, he has been, and continues to be, in good standing in the service of the LNBA as General Secretary.

The LNBA has kicked out Cllr. Nwabudike joined on June 19 of this year, revealing to the public that a reading of his various passports showed his birth dates such as October 19, 1960, October 2, 1963, October 2, 1965, and October 2, 1969.

In addition, the LNBA stated that it collected that Nwabudike’s marriage certificate dated January 22, 1992, filed by himself in handwriting, identified him as a Nigerian born October 19, 1960, and not a Liberian, opposed to the new judicial law providing that persons applying to be members of the bar as Lawyer – At – Law must be a citizen of Liberia.

In addition to practicing law here, Nwabudike told the Civil Law Court in his petition that he served the government as chairman of the Good Governance Commission and chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) , respectively.

However, he told the Civil Law Court that while he was chairman of the LACC [in a tenure position which had not expired], he was again appointed chairman of the National Election Commission (NEC), another permanent post, subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

But Nwabudike notes that during his confirmation hearing for the NEC leadership position, some senators expressed concern about an alleged inconsistency in his passport, university records and naturalization certificate which had extended his confirmation hearing for which President Weah withdrew the nomination “for unexpressed reasons”.

Meanwhile, the LNBA expelled Nwabudike because she said his investigation revealed that “he had become a member of the Liberian National Bar Association by fraudulent means”, and the bar’s decision followed his controversial confirmation hearing in the Senate.

After months of investigation into his Liberian nationality, the LNBA announced on June 19 that it had discovered at least four different dates of birth and four years of birth on Nwabudike’s various passports.

Nwabudike says the LNBA’s Grievance and Ethics Board investigated him without his participation.

In addition, he deplores the fact that following the Grievance and Ethics Committee’s investigation, the Bar issued a press release expelling his membership without serving him copies of the findings and conclusion of his investigation. He therefore asks the Civil Law Court to review, correct, annul and reject and reject the LNBA’s decision to exclude its membership.

Until his expulsion from the LNBA on Friday (June 19), the disgraced official continued to chair the LACC, a post reserved for Liberians, although he did not prove he was a naturalized Liberian during the time. Senate confirmation hearing to chair the NEC.

Having worked at the Good Governance Commission (GC), Nigerian Cllr. Nwabudike, who claims to have been naturalized Liberian in 1982, served as LACC chairman when President George Manneh Weah appointed him this year as head of the NEC, his third post in less than two years.

Until his appointment by President Weah as President of the NEC, Cllr. Nwabudike’s previous confirmation by the Liberian Senate as chairman of the LACC seemed to have gone smoothly without Liberia’s weak system detecting the issues surrounding how he acquired Liberian citizenship, allowing him to ‘practice law here.

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