Osoyos man found not guilty of murdering his common-law wife

The Osoyus man charged with the 2020 murder of his joint wife has been found not guilty.

Roderick Ashley Flawell, 64, was on trial in July for the murder of his 18-year-old girlfriend, Tina Symposium.

In a ruling posted online last week, B.C. Supreme Court Justice David Krasin said he also found the evidence against Flavel to be “vague and inconclusive.”

“In my view, probabilities, based on probabilities, based on suspicions, do not translate into a solid evidence base on which the investigation of a crime is based,” he said.

“It is possible that something that happened between the defendant and (TINA) the seminary for which the defendant feels responsible, and is probably responsible, cannot form the basis of the case. The lack of evidence in the present case greatly undermines that conclusion that the accused’s guilt on the basis of the evidence is the only logical conclusion.

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Symposium died in hospital on April 17, 2020, after being taken off life support. According to court documents, she was seriously injured and passed out at her home in Osoyus on April 8, 2022, while breathing.

The trial judge heard that Flawell told the 911 operator he needed help and that there was a “big fight” between him and the seminary.

“The dispatcher asked him if they were fighting. He replied, “Yeah, I don’t speak…and much more,” according to court documents.

He then surrendered to the police, parking his car in the RCMP troop. When the two mountains went to meet him, he got out of the vehicle.

An RCMP officer noticed that his shirt was stained with alcohol and blood and he was taken into custody. According to his testimony, he looked “depressed” and his wrists appeared to be self-inflicted.

Tina was a renowned yoga and zumba instructor at the Osoyoos Symposium.

Courtesy of Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine, Fall 2013

At home, Seminara was lying on the living room floor.

“She was dressed,” Crocin wrote.

“(RCMP officer) saw broken glass on the floor near his body and a broken bottle and wine glass chest on one side of the living room. He also saw a table upside down.

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His pulse was light and the RCMP officer noted that he looked “very badly beaten”.

He said his face was purple with bumps, his lips were swollen, and his right cheek, nose and forehead were also swollen. There were no cuts on his shin save one.

This evidence, however, contrasted with other testimony, where the wounds were only on the left side of his nose and temple.

Additionally, Krassin said there was more disparity when the autopsy was reviewed by the court.

Dr Jason Doyle, a medical examiner who performed the autopsy, found that blunt force trauma was likely the cause of the severe brain injury that ultimately claimed the woman’s life, but no further information on what was available at the autopsy, he couldn’t know anything. After. Could go ahead

Additionally, Doyle could not rule out the possibility of a seizure as a possible cause of injury.

Crocin also referenced evidence from the aftermath of the crime, when Flawell told a friend that he threw a glass object at her, however, “he threw it to remember”.

He further said it would be dangerous to base the discovery of the crime on the “vague and inconclusive” evidence presented, adding that they were “left in reasonable doubt as to the defendant’s guilt”.

Symposium was a longtime yoga and Zumba instructor in the small South Okanagan community. The community expressed their grief soon after the incident.

Ron Doucett, president of the Osoyos Curling Club, said the two were dedicated volunteers and Flawell served as an ice technician for three years.

“Disastrous, just devastating,” Doucette told Global News. “They were so loved.”

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