Proving Common Law Marriage in the State of Idaho

In some states, common-law marriage is recognized by the state if a couple has lived together for seven years and shares expenses. In the state of Idaho, they don’t recognize common law marriages unless you prove it. Most of the time, this problem occurs at the end of the relationship.

What does marriage actually do?

The definition common law marriage is “a marriage where the couple live together for a period of time and present themselves to friends, family and the community as being married without ever going through a formal ceremony…” Depending on each state, a joint marriage legal marriage can come into effect from the age of 7. Idaho does not have a recognized automatic common law meeting. However, it looks like you can prove it without having to go through the paperwork.

Common Law Marriage in Idaho

Idaho does not recognize common law marriages. That being said, if you go to the state, you can prove common law marriage if you meet very specific criteria. Although at that point, I don’t know why you wouldn’t just go and do the paperwork. It is not easy to prove de facto marriage.

How to Prove Common Law Marriage in Idaho

In order to prove the common legal marriage in idaho, both people must be over the age of 18, there must be consent between the two – oral, written or implied, both assume the rights and obligations of marriage to each other, and the parties must have consented to be husband and wife and assume marital law while living in Idaho. However, to apply for benefits without any form of documentation or license, they must have lived together, shared expenses, raised children under the same roof together, and shared finances. It’s just to make sure you have all the rights and protection to be married without any official documents.

Again, I’m not sure if you have to go through all of this why you wouldn’t just get the documentation because you’ll still have to go through all the same headaches if you part ways. Thus, the state does not recognize de facto marriage, but it will consider it if something is legally required.

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