Texas Abortion Law Opinion, Jan. 6 Riot Inquiry

No right to intervene in abortions

Regarding the article “DoJ sues Texas over abortion law”, I am relieved to read that the constitutional rights of those who wish to have an abortion will be protected by federal law. Abortion is legal in the United States, and abortion providers are protected under federal law. FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act which prohibits violence or intimidation in clinics.

Since Texas is a state that is part of America, it has no legal status to implement its own law to remove the constitutional right to abortion. Abortions are essential health care procedures. They must be protected from those who would attempt to become bounty hunters against anyone involved in an abortion procedure for up to four years after the procedure is completed.

As an American citizen and woman who had an abortion in 1994, when anti-choice people were openly killing doctors and bombing clinics and threatening my doctor the day of my procedure, I know how dangerous the anti-choice movement can be. .

Please continue to advocate for full abortion rights in Ohio and the United States; work to end all restrictions against abortion procedures, health care providers and patients; and vote pro-choice in every election.

Nancy Dollard, Lake Township

No surprises likely from the house sign

By promoting Rep. Liz Cheney to vice chair of her committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot (obviously not an “insurrection” because no one has been charged with it), Nancy Pelosi showed her real purpose for the House inquiry. Cheney is a Trump hater who should never be on a committee to “seek the truth” about Jan. 6. His bias is clear and his conclusions are predetermined, just like those of Pelosi. There are already several surveys going on, so this one is just a setup. Cheney is happy to serve as a useful idiot to the Democrats.

Robert Umbarger, Munroe Falls

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