The Civil Law Court rules against the former president of chess



Former President of the Liberian Chess Federation under siege, Winston Ireland

MONROVIA – The Civil Law Court ruled in favor of the Liberian Chess Federation in the case involving the federation and the dethroned president, Winston Ireland.

Report by Christopher C. Walker 00231777898224/00231886723075 [email protected]

Last year Ireland took the Liberia Chess Federation to court, accusing it and the then interim leadership of illegally removing it from the presidency.

He also took the Minister of Youth and Sports, Zeogar Wilson, to the civil court for having sent a communication to the international chess body, FIDE, informing this body of a change of leadership within the Federation. Liberian chess.

It can be recalled that stakeholders at a general assembly of the Liberia Chess Federation in March 2018 voted a vote of no confidence in Ireland and its leaders, accusing them of violating the organization’s constitution.

Ireland challenged the General Assembly’s decision, saying the March session violated the constitution of the local chess federation.

But in his ruling, civil law court judge Yussif Kaba said the action of the Liberia Chess Federation General Assembly was within the bounds of the constitution, as such, the elected leadership. following the action of the GA was legitimate.

“In light of the above, this tribunal declares that the act of the General Assembly of the Federation was within the limits of the constitution, and therefore the officers elected as a result of such action are the officers. association until otherwise ordered. under the constitution, ”the court said in its ruling.

Reacting to the ruling on Thursday, Winston Ireland said he would appeal the court’s decision to the Supreme Court.

“I am appealing this decision to the Supreme Court,” he said.

For his part, Chess Federation president William Thompson said the Federation was happy with the decision, but noted that it would take further legal action against Winston Ireland for mismanagement of the CFL.

He said: “We will sue Ireland for mismanagement of the resources and property of the Liberia Chess Federation. We won’t let him go free. He has caused serious obstacles to the Federation with his legal actions ”.

The president of the Liberia Chess Federation said several business entities were refusing to do business with the federation due to the lawsuit. Thompson revealed he had the support of Federation leaders and stakeholders to make Winston Ireland pay for the wrongs.


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